New CA Employment Case

employment termination Oct 10, 2023
Did the Merced City Manager Properly Terminate Plaintiff Police Officer?

Last month, the Fifth District Court of Appeal published a new decision addressing this issue. To find out what they decided, watch the video and read my one-paragraph case summary below.

New CA Employment Case  

Cruz v. City of Merced (2023) _ Cal.App.5th _ , 2023 WL 5949217: The Court of Appeal reversed in part, and affirmed in part, the trial court’s order denying petitioner’s challenge to the decision of the City Manager of respondent to terminate petitioner from the police force, even though the personnel board (Board) had determined, in an appeal of petitioner’s initial termination, that respondent failed to show petitioner had submitted a false police report or had conducted an illegal search, but concluded that petitioner was not truthful in explaining certain details concerning the search and recommended that petitioner be demoted without backpay instead of...

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