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Below, I provide you a sample of one of my short (one paragraph) summaries of an important new California civil case that was published last month. 


In UIM arbitrations the trial court, not the arbitrator, decides discovery issues. Last month, in a case of first impression, the First District Court of Appeal published a new decision addressing whether a party in a UIM arbitration can appeal a discovery ruling after the trial court confirms the arbitration award. In the video above I briefly discuss this new case. Below is my summary of the case.

New Arbitration Decision 

State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. v. Robinson (2022) _ Cal.App.5th _ , 2022 WL 765906: The Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court's judgment confirming an uninsured motorist arbitration award against defendant. In uninsured-motorist arbitration proceedings discovery disputes are resolved by a trial court, not the arbitrator. (Insurance Code, section 11580.2(f).) In this case, the trial court had earlier deemed admitted requests for admission that plaintiff State Farm had propounded on defendant. Ruling on an issue of first impression, the Court of Appeal held that trial court discovery orders in uninsured motorist proceedings are not reviewable on appeal from a judgment confirming the arbitration award. Civil Code section 1286.2 sets forth the exclusive grounds upon which appellate courts may vacate a judgment confirming an arbitration award, and a trial court error in issuing a discovery ruling is not among them. As a result, a party's only recourse to challenge an allegedly improper discovery ruling in an uninsured-motorist arbitration proceeding is through a timely filed petition for a writ of mandamus. (C.A. 1st, March 14, 2022.) 


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